Responsive Web Design

Any website needs to be designed with utmost analysis, precision, and planning. A company’s website is like a mirror which reflects the company’s vision. So, extreme care is needed in designing and developing websites. If you are looking for talented designers and developers your quest ends here.

Branding and Strategy

Marketing convinces you to buy a product momentarily but it is the brand that determines if you will go back to the product or not. A perfect branding strategy helps you determine what your brand should stand for and we here at Nucleus help you build a strong brand.

Cyber Forensic Investigation

Nucleus Response Task Force fights against the ongoing cyber attacks on your digital resources with an expertise in penetration testing and cyber forensics. If you are already hacked, let Nucleus take over and be up, running and patched within a couple of hours.

Mobile App Developement

Analytics can give you actionable insights into every aspect of your app. Your gut instinct, killer idea or business need inspired you to create your mobile app. Want to know who your users are? Nucleus can help you test, measure, analyze and make business decisions

Search Engine Optimization

We manage and modify your website in such a way that its content is easily read by all the major search engines and this helps in directing relevant traffic to your site. In this era of digital marketing, search engine optimization is a rather important tool to possess to grow your business and increase the brand outreach.

Stories & Animation

The stories we love the best, live in us forever. A small story teaches more than myriads of text. But, not everybody is a reader.With our quirky animations we hope to tell as many stories as we can in the most entertaining manner. While also capturing what isn't being said, because with out that, communicating an idea into reality is incomplete.

Social Media Marketting

In a digital era where most of the communication is virtual, the traditional Word Of Mouth marketing needs to take on a new platform - The Social Media. Making sure relevant and valuable information reaches your prospective consumers through social media will work wonders for your business and Nucleus Tech helps you do just that!

NucleusTech Workshops

Knowledge is having the right Information and the skill to utilize it. College students keep on learning but seldom get to apply. This leaves them devoid of the skill to put the information they possess to use. Nucleus Tech's interactive workshops solve this puzzle by providing the missing piece - A platform where you learn to apply and apply what you learn!

Functional work Process

Requirement Discovery

This is about making sure we understand exactly what it is your company wants from its website, and it works best if we do it face-to-face. On the back of these meetings our team will put together a proposal. This serves as both the basis of the agreement between the two companies and the blueprint for the future of the site.

User Interface and Experience

Once the proposal has been agreed, the next step is to establish the look and feel of the site. The designer will use the information already gathered to produce clean and eye-catching designs that express the ethos of your company in clear visual language. You will be offered more than one variant, and choose the one you like best.


This is about thinking through the structure of the site from the user’s point of view to produce a definitive site map. The aim should be to minimise the number of clicks before any given user arrives at what they are looking for.

Production & Developement

Once the visual concept and site architecture are in place we can begin producing the graphical templates. These designs are then turned into an HTML wire-frame. That's a site you can click around, but which doesn't do anything more than that.The next step in the process is the development of the functioning website. It is at this point that the more complex programming is done. The work will be carried out on one of our development servers and successive iterations will be available for you to test and review.

Site Maintenance & Marketing

Planning and executing post-launch activities – determine a maintenance plan. Train client on CMS (content management system). Developing a consistent and frequent marketing strategy is an important business website success factor. This can include social media marketing, on and off-page SEO, search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing and site analytic reports.

" Design is not what is looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works. "


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We are a team of insightful youngsters working with a common vision. We are dedicated to help our clients in a variety of ways, from designing and developing their websites to crafting branding strategies. Our services include animation, mobile development, cyber forensics, app dev and analytics. What makes us stand out is our commitment to build more responsive websites. We make sure that all our work aligns with the client’s purpose and is customized to meet our client’s needs.
We make products that make history and the legacy is yet to begin.!!!

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Our avengers have skills to bring about a change in your world. A change that could make you reach new possibilities.

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